Curriculum 2024

The balance between gerontology and geriatric topics will be one third.

                                                                                           ASIO IAGG e-TRIGGER  2024      
27 January Healthy Aging      
    Definition of healthy aging      
    The main goals of the UN-WHO Decade of Healthy Aging      
    Life course prevention to favour healthy aging      
17 February Aging in a changing world      
    Aging in low and moderate resource countries      
    Impact of climate change on old adults      
    Being old and facing any humanitarian crisis      
16 March Geroscience      
    Impact of biology of aging on the aging process      
    Inflammaging and its consequences (somatic and cognitive aging)      
    Senescent cells      
13 April Nutritional issues in the aging and old populations    
    Screening and Assessment of  nutritional status      
    Oropharyngeal dysfunction and oral frailty      
    Ethical aspects of nutritional interventions      
18 May Enhancing social capacity of older adults      
    Ageism, intergenerational relationships, and empowerment      
    Challenges in caring for older people      
    Social Prescribing      
15 June Mental health      
    Acute confusional states      
    Mood disorders      
    Coping with bad news or bereavement      
20 July Cardio-vascular selected issues      
    Heart failure      
    Atrial fibrillation      
17 August Cancers in old adults      
    Early diagnosis of cancers      
    Geriatric assessment before planning cancer treatment      
    Cancer trajectories and palliative care      
14 September Mild cognitive impairment and dementia      
    Aging Minds: Confronting Subjective Cognitive Decline      
    Strategy for early diagnosis of cognitive impairment      
    Judgement abilities and driving with dementia      
19 October  Sarcopenia and frailty      
    Muscle science to understand sarcopenia and frailty      
    Sarcopenia and frailty: consequences and preventive interventions      
    Social approaches for sarcopenia and frailty      
16 November Falls and Fractures      
    New technology and fall prevention programmes      
    Osteoporosis and fragility fractures      
    Ortho-geriatric co-management      
14 December Gerontopharmacology      
    Medications in older adults      
    Why deprescribing?      
    Older persons in clinical trials      
5 January 2025 Online Award Ceremony