Curriculum 2022

The balance between gerontology and geriatric topics will be one third.

                                                                                       ASIO IAGG e-TRIGGER  2022    
11 December Healthy Ageing      
    Healthy ageing concepts Dr. Yuka Sumi WHO MD
    Age-friendly health system Dr. Ritu Sadana WHO D.SC
    Community-Based Healthy Aging Prof. Liang Kung Chen TW MD
15 January Nutrition        
    Epidemiology and Impacts of Malnutrition Prof. Tommy Cederholm SE MD
    Assessment of Nutritional Status and Oral Health Prof. Elisabet Rothenberg SE PhD
    Management of Undernutrition in Clinical Settings Prof. Wee-Shiong Lim SG MD
12 February Sarcopenia      
    Science of Muscle Aging Dr. Ben Kirk AU D.Sc
    Definition and Diagnosis Prof. Hidenori Arai JP MD
    Treatment and Management for Muscle Health Prof. Li-Ning Peng TW MD
11 March Frailty        
    Physical Frailty Prof. Jean Woo CN- HK MD
    Social Frailty and Vulnerability Prof. Liat Ayalon IL D.SC
    Oral Frailty Prof.Katsuya Iijima JP MD
15 April Dementia and Cognitive Impairment      
    Cognitive Aging Dr. Li-Hung Chang TW PhD
    Clinical Diagnosis and Treatment of Dementia Prof. Koichi Kozaki JP MD
    BPSD and Management Prof. Hajime Takechi JP MD
14 May Falls and fracture      
    Epidemiology , Diagnosis and Prognosis of Falls Dr. Ming-Yueh Chou TW MD
    Using the falls assessment to guide interventions Prof. Keith Hill AUS PhD
    Fracture liaison service in the community Prof. Finbarr Martin UK MD
11 June Polypharmacy and Prescribing Appropriateness      
    Geriatric Pharmacotherapy: Physiology and Metabolism Dr. Fei-Yuan Hsiao TW Pharm.D
    Polypharmacy: Epidemiology and Its Impacts Prof. Masahiro Akishita JP MD
    Inappropriate Prescribing and Deprescribing Prof. Mirko Petrovic BE MD
09 July Mental Health      
    Loneliness and Social Isolation Prof Liat Ayalon IL D.SC
    Old Age Depression and Management Prof. Shuichi Awata JP MD
    Delirium: Diagnosis, Treatment and Prognosis Prof. Maw Pin Tan My MD
13 August Gerotechnology      
    Development and Application of Robotic Technology Prof. Izumi Kondo JP D.Sc.
    Intelligence-Based Precision Healthy Aging Prof. Liang-Kung Chen TW MD
    Gerotechnology in the Care of Older People Prof. Yeh-Liang Hsu TW D.Sc.
10 September Specific Healthcare Models for Older People      
    Geriatric assessment upon arrival on the ICU Pof. Bertrand Guidet FR MD
    Acute Geriatrics: Function-Based Approach Prof. TW Auyeung CN-HK MD
    Health pathways for older people in residential care Prof. Bianca Buurman NL RN. PhD
15 October Life-course Vaccination      
    Significance of vaccination in old adults Prof. Jean-Pierre Michel CH MD
    Vaccine Preventable diseases Dr. Fiona Ecarnot FR D.Sc
    Immunization, public health, economy and well-being Dr. Jane Barratt CA PhD
12 November End of life care and palliative care      
    Advance care planning: difference between East and West Prof. Sophia Lin Kang CN MD
    Home care for palliative care Prof. Gisèle Pickering FR MD
    End of life care in Asian culture Prof. Pi-Shan Hsu TW D.Sc
6 December Online Award Ceremony