Curriculum 2023

The balance between gerontology and geriatric topics will be one third.

                                                                                           ASIO IAGG e-TRIGGER  2023      
14 January Functional Aging      
    Life functional trajectories Prof. Jean-Pierre Michel CH MD
    Transitions between malnutrition, sarcopenia and frailty Prof. Liang Kung Chen TW MD
    Prevention of chronic diseases and age-related disability Prof. Arvind Mathur IN MD
11 February Comprehensive Geriatric Assessment and Team work      
    History taking and clinical examination specificities Prof. Mark Clarfield IL MD
    Co-management of Comprehensive Geriatric Assessments Prof. Bianca Buurman NL RN-PhD
    Information and communication technology Prof. Ashish Goel IN MD
11 March Cardiovascular pathology in older adults      
    Arterial hypertension in older adults Prof Jerzy Gąsowski PL MD
    Heart failure in older patients Prof Hidenori Arai JP MD
    Rehabilitation of coronary heart disease patients J F Ramirez-Villada (CO) CO D.Sc
15 April Mild cognitive impairments and dementias in the older adult    
    Early detection of prodromal biomarkers of cognitive decline Prof Bruno Dubois FR MD
    Assessment and diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease Pr. F. Mangialasche SE MD
    Modifiable risk factors of cognitive decline Pr. Jagadish Chhetri CN MD
13 May Metabolic disorders in older adults      
    Management of Diabetes in old adults Prof. Shamasunder Acharya Au MD
    Dieticians ‘involvement in treatment of old diabetic patients Pof. P Chan Yoke Mum MY D.Sc
    Vitamin D: an hormone with multiple invaluable actions Prof. Mario Barbagallo IT MD
17 June Infections in old adults       
    Urinary tract infections Prof. Joël Belmin FR MD
    Lower respiratory tract infections Prof. Chang Won Won KR MD
    Hygiene to fight against healthcare-associated infection Prof. Deepak Kumar IN MD
15 July Mental health      
    Affective disorders Prof. Ayae Kinoshita TW D.Ss
    Polypharmacy: Epidemiology and Its Impacts Prof. Dominic Ffytche UK MD
    Inappropriate Prescribing and Deprescribing Prof. V Surekha IN MD
12 August Cancers in old adults      
    Early diagnosis of cancers Prof. Tilak TVSVGK IN MD
    Cancer assessment before planning the treatment Prof Chun-Yu Liu TW MD
    Cancer trajectories and palliative care Kim de Nooijer BE D.SC
9 September Long Term Care      
    Urinary incontinence Prof. Prof. Steve PaujalyManjaly (IN) IN MD
    Wound prevention and management Prof. Gorijo Nakagami JP RN.PhD
    Elder mistreatment Prof. Mala Kapur Shankardass MY D.Sc.
14 October  Neurology      
    Transit ischemic attack and stroke Prof. Chih-Ping CHUNG TW MD
    Dizziness and vertigo Prof. Alka Ganesh IN RN. PhD
    Parkinson disease Prof. Piu Chan CN MD, PHD
11 November Mobility disorders      
    Osteoporosis Prof. Ding-Cheng Derrick CHAN TW MD
    Foot problems Prof. Deborah Turner AU D.Sc
    Osteoarthritis Prof. Stefania Maggi IT MD
9 December Gerontopharmacology      
    Pharmacodynamic and pharmococinetic on older adults Prof. Fei-Yuan Hsaio TW Pharm.d
    Principles of management of medications Prof. Ashish Goel IN MD
    Why deprescribing? Vasi Naganathan AU MD
16 December Online Award Ceremony