Educational approach

The teaching model will be based on “Training future leaders in Gerontology and Geriatrics


Worldwide professors of:

  • Geriatric Medicine and other medical specialities already involved in the development of the IAGG Master Classes on Ageing
  • Other experts in various gerontological disciplines: Demography, Dentistry, Economy, Engineering, Ethics, Nursing, Nutrition, Pharmacy, Psychology, Rehabilitation, Sociology etc.
  • Highly experienced health professionals engaged in community care and hospital management of older people
  • Health care policy makers etc.
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Worldwide trainees and attendees

Each one-hour session includes:

  • A short introduction by the President of the regional Academy
  • A 20-minute key lecture by an expert in Gerontology or Geriatric medicine
  • A 10-minute complementary or controversial case report by a Trainee (health care professional or MD)
  • A 20-minute discussion between the experts and the trainees
  • Short take-home message by the President of the regional Academy
  • A mandatory CME quiz to test the knowledge acquired by the Trainees (organized after each session)
  • Overall evaluation of the session for the trainees and attendees