“e-TRIGGER” for “e-TRaining In Gerontology and GERiatrics”

eTRIGGER ASIO 2024 Course

Session 2 Starting date:
February 17, 2024 from 8:00 – 11.00 a.m. Geneva time
Course Registration is still open!
The Zoom link will be provided via email upon registration.


Aging in a changing world
Aging in low and moderate resource countries Prof. Maw Pin Tan (MY)
Impact of climate change on old adults Prof. Laurie Buys (AU)
Being old and facing any humanitarian crisis Dr. Favila Escobio (HelpAge – UK)

Applied training for an ageing world


Application for the ASIO-IAGG e-Trigger program 2024 is now open

The procedure for application and registration is the following:

1. Click on application, fill the form and submit.

2. The IAGG selection committee will examine your application.

3. If you are accepted, you will be notified.

4. The fees are based on the average annual income in your country
(as determined by the World bank (Click here)

     – Pay 300 CHF in countries with mean annual income <1 500 CHF

     – Pay 600 CHF in countries with mean annual income of 1 500 to 13 000 CHF

     – Pay 1 200 CHF in countries with mean annual income >13 000 CHF

5. Once you have paid, you will receive instructions to register on the IAGG platforms.

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Who can apply?

This training course is aimed at future leaders in Geriatrics and Gerontology. The teaching activity will be focused on registered trainees in the programme:

  • Geriatricians already trained in geriatric medicine or currently in training in Geriatrics, and who are on track to achieve academic Professorship, or high-responsibility clinical positions.
  • Other professionals working in Gerontology and who already have some experience and/or are engaged at a high level of responsibility in the care of older populations (demographers, ethicists, psychologists, sociologists but also nurses, social workers, physiotherapists …) may also apply as Trainees.

The teaching activity will be in English.

Trainees actively participate in the course, and each trainee will have to prepare a case history for discussion once during the 12-month course. Trainees will have to validate their contribution to obtain the qualification at the end of the 12-month period, by successfully completing the test at the end of each individual session.

Attendees: The training sessions will also be opened to all health care professionals, who may participate after registration. They will be called “attendees”. The attendees simply attend the teaching activities from time to time.

The number of registered trainees will be determined by the regional IAGG-Academies in Geriatrics.

The maximum number of attendees will depend on the number of trainees and the capacity of the online platform.

What we offer?

Monthly online training (one 3-hour training session per month) organized by the IAGG Federation of Geriatric Education, with the contribution of the Regional IAGG Academy in Geriatrics and Gerontology.

Each session comprises 3 hours of teaching. Each hour includes:

  • An introduction by the President of the regional Academy
  • A 20-minute keynote lecture by an expert in Gerontology or Geriatric medicine
  • A 10-minute case report presented by a trainee (health care professional or MD) participating in the programme
  • A 20-minute discussion between the experts and the trainees about the topic
  • A quiz to test the knowledge acquired by the trainees during the session, so that their acquisition of the topic studied in that session may be validated.
  • Evaluation of the session by all the trainees and attendees

All the sessions will be registered and available Here

What you get?

After attending the 3-hour session on a specific topic, participants will be able to critically analyse updated information and evaluate its usefulness in their own clinical cultural and societal context.


The course will scale up their knowledge and provide high-quality education in geriatric medicine and gerontology, with a view to equipping them for high-responsibility academic or clinical positions. The course will increase their self-learning capacity, through a mix of blended teaching, problem-solving, case presentation, and open discussion. The teaching model will favour interdisciplinary teamwork based on real and culturally fit case presentations. Through case presentation performed by each learner individually, the participants will acquire communication skills, which will also be enhanced by actively participating in the discussions. They will develop personal leadership and team management skills.

Trainees will be awarded the IAGG-World certificate after successful validation of a minimum number of training sessions.

Continuing medical education accreditation will also be awarded.

2. Attendees

The course will increase their interest in ageing care, and scale up their knowledge via quality education in geriatric medicine and gerontology.


Saturday 17 February 2024

Saturday 17 February 2024 Aging in a Changing World Start time:8:00 am Paris, Geneva, Berlin 8h00-8h02 Introduction of the topic and expert Prof. Reshma...

Saturday 27 january 2024

Saturday 27 January 2024 Healthy Ageing Start time:8:00 am Paris, Geneva, Berlin 8h00-8h02 Introduction of the topic and expert Prof. Jean-Pierre Michel (CH)...

Saturday 9 December 2023

  Saturday 9 December 2023 Gerontopharmacology Start time:8:00 am Paris, Geneva, Berlin 8h00-8h02 Introduction of the topic and expert Prof. Liang-Kung Chen...


Prof. Ashish Goel

Prof. Prasert Assantachai

Prof. Julie Byles

Prof. Sophia Lin Kang

Liang Kung Chen 

Prof. Maw Pin Tan

Prof. Arvind Mathur

Prof. Reshma Merchant

Prof. Mathias Schloegl