IAGG e-TRIGGER – Programm, 5th Session: 3 hours – Saturday 12 March 2022


Start Time:
08.00 a.m Paris, Berlin
03.00 p.m Beijing, Hong Kong, Singapore
04.00 p.m Tokyo
06.00 p.m. in Canberra (time zone: UTC+10)
0 min Introduction of the session and 1st expert Prof Liang Kung Chen, MD, PhD
Co-President of the Asian Academy of Medicine of Ageing
2 min Physical Frailty Prof Jean Woo (Hong Kong)
22 min Case report Siriphan Sasat (Bangkok)
32 min Discussion Yixin Hu (Beijing)
52 min Short synthesis Prof Liang Kung Chen, MD, PhD
60 min Introduction of the topic and expert Prof Jean-Pierre Michel, MD, Director of the Federation of Geriatric Education of the International Association of Gerontology and Geriatrics – World
62 min From Social Frailty to Societal Frailty Prof Liat Ayalon (Tel Aviv)
82 min Case report Yixin Hu (Beijing)
92 min Discussion Wei-Ju Lee (Yi-Lan)
112 min Short synthesis Prof Jean-Pierre Michel, MD
120 min Introduction of the topic and expert Prof Philip POI (Kuala Lumpur) Vice President of the Southeast Academy for Medicine of Ageing
122 min Oral Frailty Prof. Katsuya Iijima (Tokyo)
142 min Case report Wei-Ju Lee (Yi-Lan)
152 min Discussion Siriphan Sasat (Bankgok)
172 min Short synthesis Prof Philip POI (Kuala Lumpur)

Online evaluation of the session by attendees and participants

Online control of knowledge to demonstrate the higher order thinking skills of the trainees.

Online quiz of the participants’ knowledge


  1. Know the definition of frailty
  2. Be aware of the intricated physio pathological processes mechanisms of frailty
  3. Perfectly identify the major differences between the 2 theoretical models of frailty: Phenotype model of frailty and cumulative deficit model
  4. Have in mind the different screening frailty tools
  5. Understand the multiple social risk factors of frailty
  6. Realize the importance of oral frailty
  7. Be able identifying adults at risk of frailty
  8. Point out the different possible interventions to prevent frailty
  9. Realize the importance of avoiding the poor frailty outcomes